Stability Software

$300.00 Cdn + $25.00 Shipping and Handling (By Registered Airmail)

LoadCALC is a comprehensive software program for the automation of shipboard cargo management integrated with a library of stability and trim formulation. The program allows for the user maintainable tables for the following data sets:

Light Ship • Hydrostatic Particulars • GZ/KN Values • Tank Disposition • Cargo Disposition (Cellular and Break Bulk)

Final Outputs Include: Displacement • Fluid GM • True Mean Draft • Trim • Bending Moments (Hogging and Sagging) • Condition GZ Curve • Racking Moments and Tier Weight (Cellular) • Deadweight Calculation

Features: Single keystroke discharge by port and auto recalculation of stability and trim values • Formatted Cargo Manifests • Tank Condition Reports • Metric • Ability to Archive Condition Reports • Condition Reports can be Saved as Email Attachments

Operating System: LoadCALC is Windows 98, XP and 2000 Compatible.

$549.00 Cdn + $25.00 Shipping and Handling (By Registered Airmail)

GrainCALC has all of the features of LoadCALC v.1.0 plus data sets and computations for the grain calculation form. GrainCALC is Windows 98, XP and 2000 compatible.





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